Aqua Cast Liner waterproof 2"

Price: $25.00


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How AquaCast Liner Works

AquaCast Liner contains billions of tiny pores which are much larger than moisture vapor molecules but much smaller than liquid water droplets. The AquaCast waterproof liner remains dry while your skin gets wet. Water will drain quickly out of the ends of the cast.  The patient’s body temperature heats up the remaining water causing it to vaporize and pass through the liner and the fiberglass cast tape.


Short Arm = 1 roll of 2"
Short Leg = 1.5 Rolls of 3"

Adolescent/Small Adult

Short Arm = 1 roll of 3"
Short Leg = 2 rolls of 4"


Short Arm = 1.5 rolls of 3"
Short Leg = 3 rolls of 4"

Not recommended on Long Arm & Leg Casts.

MUST PURCHASE THE BURN STRIPS --- 1 strip per roll (item no De-flex 12") unless your physician doesn't require it.

Item Number: 2" Cast Liner
Manufacturer: AquaCast